Posted on 2017/12/14


Plan your next trip wisely with these savvy travel hacks!


A big part of your budget goes into your plane ticket. Most of the time, having flexible dates is the best way to benefit from the lowest prices. Picking your destination according to promotions can also lead to significant savings. Several websites such as Yulair and YUL Deals can help you find the best prices for flights leaving from Montreal. However, if you have a specific destination and schedule in mind, a mobile application like Hopper is worthwhile. It’s free, and will recommend the best moment to book your flight for a given destination and time. We’ve also heard that plane ticket prices can vary based on demand, and previous searches can affect the price you are seeing. Try emptying your cache before booking. It might help!


Packing can be a real challenge and there are many theories on how to maximize space (i.e. the rolling vs. folding debate). One thing remains useful in all circumstances: packing cubes. They can help you organize your suitcase and save space. You will also gain in speed and efficiency in the process, promise! In terms of clothing, don’t overdo it. Go for versatile pieces, that are easy to dress up or down.


Bringing a book is essential to any trip, but to change things up a bit, we recommend downloading podcasts in advance. It’s an excellent way to kill time in airports, bus and train stations, or on the plane. Once they’re on your phone, you won’t need an Internet connection to listen to them! They can also replace music when driving over long distances. To find inspiration, check out the “Featured” section of your Podcast application, and if you’re a fan of detective and investigation stories, try Serial!


« Downloading maps in advance from Google Maps is a useful trick. »


Google Maps’ plans have become a valuable resource to navigate any city, especially when away from home. Since data can be very expensive outside your own country, and Wi-Fi isn’t always available, downloading maps in advance from Google Maps is a useful trick. You will be able to find your way anywhere, without paying for data! For more details on how to do it, click here. Certain phone companies also offer interesting international plans, which allow you to use your phone just like you would at home, for $5 or $10 /day. Make sure to check what your provider offers!


Always bring earplugs! If what was supposed to be a quiet hotel is louder than expected, you will be relieved to have them to cancel the noise. Pack them in your cabin luggage so they are easily accessible if needed on the plane, train or bus!

Bon voyage!



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