Posted on 2017/05/16


Fabric surpluses represent a major challenge for garment companies. How do we reduce loss? By using our leftover fabrics for a student contest, among other things.



To give a second life to its fabrics and and provide students with a hands on experience in fashion, FIG has teamed up with Cégep Marie-Victorin in Montreal. For the past two years, FIG has been donating fabric rolls to the students and challenging them to create FIG-inspired garments with its remaining materials!

Students receive a brief with a clear mandate, then their projects are submitted to a jury, which includes members of the FIG team a teacher from the school. Each presentation board is studied and commented. The selected students are then invited to make their design, based on the comments of the jury. The four finalists are photographed with their prototype and presented on FIG's social media, then we vote.

Student Karine Laperrière won our last contest. Her Ponte di Roma dress, the SHE got the most votes! She earned $ 500 of FIG and her dress was added to the Fall 2017 collection. It will be produced and sold in stores next fall. The FAN dress was also born from a student collab!


" The SHE dress will be available in stores this fall! "


The Second Life program encourages FIG to find viable solutions to manage its fabric inventories after each production, and limit waste. The company is committed to reusing and/or redistributing the majority of its leftover materials via fashion schools, artists, eco-designers and non-profit organizations.


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