Posted on 2017/08/24


At FIG, honesty and integrity are two very important values. We believe our customers have the right to be informed about our products. It is in this spirit that we are writing this article today.

Those who have been following FIG for a while know that all of our clothes have been made in Canada for over ten years. Local production has been part of our business model since the foundation of the brand. It is something we believe in and want to encourage. Although it has many advantages, it also brings certain constraints and challenges.


" We are delighted to expand the FIG family with new international partners. "


The clothing industry is going through a lot of changes. In Montreal and across Canada, several workshops and clothing manufacturers have closed or moved to Asia. Finding qualified employees is hard, and factories lack resources and government support. As a result, it becomes very difficult, sometimes impossible, to produce certain product categories, while respecting our high quality standards, and a price point that meets the expectations of our customers.


This is what motivated us, in 2015, to rethink our business model and open our horizons to the world. After a lot of research and hard work, we are finally ready to introduce a brand new collection of jackets that are made in China, a collection we’re very proud of!


We are delighted to expand the FIG family with new international partners. In addition to sharing our values ​​and quality standards, they are renowned worldwide for their know-how and technical abilities. This transition allows FIG to develop new product categories, while benefiting from technologies that are rare or non-existent in Canada. FIG is evolving, growing and offering you more variety! This is an exciting time for the brand!


We would like to emphasize that the majority of our clothing is still manufactured in Canada and will continue to be manufactured in Canada in the years to come. Supporting and promoting local production is a priority for FIG - we want to continue to work with our current manufacturers. We are also looking for new local partners to support our growth. Finally, design, sales, marketing and operations are still done from our Montreal offices in the Mile-End. 


As a brand, we try to be as down to earth as possible and easy to approach as possible. It is important for us to share our reality with humility and authenticity. All FIG products manufactured in Canada are identified on our website, hangtags and labels. If you have any questions, you can write to info@figclothing.com. We will be happy to answer them!


*Our winter jackets will be available in stores and online mid-September. Our new packable jacket is available here.


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