Posted on 2019/07/30

Preparing your suitcase before going on vacation is not always easy. And it is even more complicated to find the right clothes to bring! However, Carlee, from the Styled to Sparkle blog, a Altitude-sports ambassador, totally solved this problem by discovering our clothes. Not only are they perfect in a suitcase, but also in everyday life!

I recently discovered FIG Clothing and had to share my findings with you. What I love about the brand is that their collections consist of casual, lightweight basics that mix and match really well. Each piece is perfect for activities in the outdoors or just walking around town.


Items are lightweight and fold/roll really small, making them the perfect pieces for travel. I love to share what to pack for a trip with mixed activities and FIG Clothing’s entire collection fits that bill. They’re also a Canadian brand, which you know I love to support my fellow northerners whenever I can – especially when travelling abroad!

FIG Clothing‘s goal is to be the ally of your next adventure by offering eco-friendly clothes designed for the active and modern women travelers seeking elegance and comfort.

FIG pants & tops


The first time I put the GAX Top on, I didn’t want to take it off. It is really, really soft and just breathes so well. The fabric is lightweight but hangs really nicely. Also, for me, it provided the perfect extra amount of fabric to cover my baby bump!

Also, can we talk about the KAP Pants for a minute? They are super stretchy, but don’t look like a stretch pant (bonus!). They don’t bunch up, they’re lightweight and perfect for traveling and outdoor activities.

There is so much that I need to say about these pants! To begin, I need to talk about the inside of the waist band. The elastic waist is super comfortable, but the fabric inside is so super soft that it prevents any chafing or irritation (which is particularly nice on warmer days!). The extra stretch helps them fit comfortably over my baby bump, too.

I’ve rolled these pants up to make them more ankle length on warmer days, but you can see just how long they really are, making them perfect for taller ladies.

FIG dresses

It’s hard to find a "performance dress" that is sporty, but still stylish and flattering. I am a huge fan of the JUL Dress exactly for that reason! The fabric moves so well, it folds super small in a suitcase and is just plain comfy.


love that the drawstring waist allows me to highlight my natural waist (very flattering), but the fabric and waist also allow me to wear this dress through pregnancy even though it is not a pregnancy dress (note that I am 20 weeks pregnant on the right side photo).

It’s really nice to have items in my wardrobe that I can wear before/during/after pregnancy that are functional, comfortable and easy to wear.

P.S: This dress style also comes in a super cute romper (ACE romper) if that’s more your style!

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