Saint-Boniface, Canada
Travel guide and founder of the blog, Claudia La Roadtrippeuse, who is passionate about music and the great outdoors!

My favourite FIG item
The GAX Top is my ultimate FIG item, soft and light, I wear it as much for a city outing as for sports. I also love the SAT Pants, classic and ultra comfortable for long airplane trips.

Something that makes me happy
Travelling, of course, but also discovering new things, new cultures, new places. Meeting people, learning about their lives, their beliefs and their passions. Apart from that, the beach, the sun, palm trees, coffee, good beer and beets (I know, strange !)

My favourite city
I have a huge crush on the city of Melbourne, in Australia. It's an eclectic and colourful city, that's always moving! Melbourne is a world in itself: its various neighbourhoods are so different. If I could escape for a full year, that's where I would go!

Beach or mountain?
This is the most difficult question ever! I am always torn between beach and mountain, so I always try to find destinations where I can combine both!

On my bucket list
Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos... in fact, I dream of my first trip to Asia, the only continent where I have never set foot!

FIG, for me, is...
A local company with good values, a friendly team and high quality clothing, practical and essential to travel in comfort!
"Of the gladdest moments in human life, methinks, is the departure upon a distant journey into unknown lands."
– Richard Burton
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