Kingston, Canada
Founder of the travel blog Entre2escales, dreamer, foodie and history buff

My favourite FIG item
I bring my OTH pants everywhere!

Something that makes me happy
Going on an adventure, meeting fascinating people, my cat and ice cream cones!

My favourite city
A difficult question to answer. There are so many cities that I love. I love Paris for its history, Barcelona for its atmosphere, Hanoi for its cuisine, in short ... impossible to choose!

Beach or mountain?
A bit of both. I love nature in all its forms!

On my bucket list
A lot of things! I dream of visiting the Seychelles Islands, as well as Norway, Cambodia and Argentina. Don't know what my next trip will be... but I'm open to surprises!

FIG, for me, is...
The perfect addition to my travel wardrobe. A Canadian company whose philosophy fits perfectly with my lifestyle.
" Live today as if it was your last day on Earth. But make projects as if you are here for eternity. "
- Agatha Christie
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