Montréal, Canada
Nomad Junkies co-founder and travel speaker.

My favourite FIG item
The OTH Pants! I have always loved the "athleisure" look and they are the perfect pants for relaxing as well as for transport by plane, train or bus. It is super comfortable and versatile.

Something that makes me happy
Travel followed very closely by cooking for my friends and family or introducing them to a new restaurant when we travel. I am an assumed foodie!

My favourite city
Bangkok: This vibrant Asian capital is the city I have visited most often in recent years. I feel at home there!

Beach or mountain?
Even if I consider myself a real beach bum, I love the fresh mountain air that allows me to realign my chakras and regain my zen.

On my bucket list
I could list all the other countries I would like to visit, but the list would be long! When I exchange with other travellers who share their journey with me, it's contagious... I want to see everything! In a different kind of travel, I would say Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Otherwise, I've never been to Mexico and I think it would be a great place to settle down as a digital nomad, as well as to explore the four corners of the country. In any case, Asia will always have my heart and it is a part of the world that continues to attract me over and over again. Finally, I would like to explore further Eastern Europe and the Balkans, which are still little visited by tourists, but which have so much to offer in terms of landscapes and culture.

FIG, for me, is...
More than just a clothing brand. It is a company that shares the same passion for travel as I do. FIG is about values and culture that offer a responsible choice for the modern traveller who is looking for style and comfort!
"The biggest risk is not to risk anything!"
– Unknown

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