Posted on 2017/04/27



What inspires her? What does her creative process look like? Isabella answers 3 questions about the SAFARI 2017 collection.


" Every season, we choose a destination as our inspiration! "


At FIG since May 2015, Isabella is a woman of many talents. As our main designer, she is reponsible for creating a new collection and colour palette each season. Although she is currently working on the Spring and Fall 2018 collection, Isabella took time to answer a few questions about the current SAFARI collection, which we unveiled online and in stores this week.  


1. Do you have a specific creative / research process when designing a new collection?

Isabella: There is no perfect recipe, inspiration can come from everywhere! I love watching the big fashion shows, examining trend books and my enormous Pantone colour binder - it's a good place to start.

We are a travel brand, so I pay attention to the destinations of the moment, international trends not only in fashion but in interior design and lifestyle. Then I start to draw. I sometimes make twelve sketches before choosing one, and developing it. Finally, I make sure to offer variety, to create a collection that is coherent, while respecting FIG’s design language and mission!


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