Posted on 2019/07/04

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Our Marketing Manager shares her favourite things to do and to see in the Galapagos Islands!

Besides the observation of fauna and flora, the subject of my last article, I propose here other activities that I particularly recommend!

Even after spending two weeks in the archipelago, I admit that I would have been happy to stay a little longer. I would have liked to spend more time on each of the islands I visited and have the time to visit others!


Located on the island of Isabela, the Sierra Negra is a huge shield volcano, one of the most active in the archipelago. Despite its recent eruption in June 2018, it is possible to visit it. The expedition includes a walk around the crater, but it is really when you reach the section where the lava flow has spread that the landscape changes!

A landscape of desolate, with black and oxidized hues. A visit that makes us aware of the fragility of our environment and of the mighty power of nature.

To make the most of your day, I recommend bringing with you: sunscreen, not to be neglected although it always rains at the top, water, a great pair of hiking shoes and walking sticks! You do not have walking sticks? The Montrealer company Location Backpack rents them at great prices!


If you want to cool off, there are many options! However, to reach some of them, you’ll have to work hard to enjoy the relaxation!


This is the case of the magnificent Tortuga Bay that you see above. A white sand of incredible finesse and softness, warm and translucent water! I assure you that this beach is worth the 2.5 km walk!

Here is the path that will take you to paradise! For this walk, I recommend again a lot of water and comfortable clothes. This is why, I had chosen the GAX drirelease® TENCEL® top, which protected me from the sun and kept me cool and dry! It does not appear on the picture, but the heat and the sun were particularly overwhelming that day!


Still on the Santa Cruz Island, it is possible to go to Las Grietas after a water taxi ride and another walk. You will discover a crevasse surrounded by high cliffs where the water is very calm. It offers an absolutely magnificent view of a hundred feet long!


Want to stay a little closer to the city? Many beaches are only a few minutes walk away. This is the case of this one on the island of Isabela where I stopped a few minutes.

You may have noticed that I'm wearing my favourite item, the ZAZ Jumpsuit! This article has really been a must for this trip. Always rolled-up in my backpack, I could quickly put over my swimsuit for an improvised drink in a restaurant. During my transfers and my stopovers, I was reassured to know that this single article could suit me in all circumstances if my suitcase would gotten lost!

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