Posted on 2018/03/01


There is nothing better than a travel destination that appeals to relaxation, warmth and the discovery of a colourful and vibrant culture. Little known to travellers and so different from its neighbouring islands, Curaçao has everything to please its visitors. Our ambassador, Jessica, who has lived there for over a year and knows the island inside and out, shares a few must-sees with us!

By: Ambassador/guest blogger, Jessica Gallant, Nomade Magazine



No matter where you turn your head, you can be sure to find exotic landscapes, an ecclectic architecture and an open-minded population in Curaçao. It is difficult not to succumb to the beauty offered by the turquoise water of the various coves extending mainly on the south side of the island, and the different coloured buildings transporting us for a moment in the streets of downtown Amsterdam. Curaçao is home to more than 57 different nationalities, which explains its variety in colour and flavour!

" The water is bright blue and it is not uncommon to run into turtles or beautiful rays in its crystal-clear waters. "




You won’t find long and endless beaches in Curaçao, but that’s ok. The island's small natural pools and private coves are just as lovely. Curaçao has close to 40 different beaches surrounded by large impressive cacti. The water is bright blue and it is not uncommon to run into turtles or beautiful rays in its crystal-clear waters. Stepping out of the beaten path could even lead you to a secret beach!


Among my favourite things to do around the island : walk the streets of Pietermaai and indulge on delicious food, photograph the famous Handelskade facade in Punda, snorkle around the Tug Boat wreckage and stare at the incredible panorama offered by Santa Martha Bay. A hike at Shete Boka National Park is definitely a must. You can see waves crashing against underground caves, swim in Playa Kenepa Grandi and finish at Blue Room Cave.


- Official languages: Papiamento and Dutch
- Other languages commonly spoken: Spanish and English
- Best time to go: January, February and March
- Currency: Guilders and American dollars
- In my suitcase: the PAZ romper!
- Fun fact: Tap water is good to drink.


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