Posted on 2020/08/11

Hawaii fascinates you? Our ambassador Laurie has dived into her archives to introduce you to Kauai, also known as "Garden Island".

Who else has dreamed of being on a Hawaiian beach with a plumeria flower in your hair and a surfboard under your arm? As one of the most famous archipelagos in the world, Hawaii owes much of its reputation to its paradise islands, a huge playground for "adventure hunters". My favourite island is undoubtedly Kauai, nicknamed the "Garden Island".

In this article, I am pleased to share with you my favourites things to do on Kauai, which I hope will make you dream of discovering the "Aloha Spirit"!


Once you arrive in Kauai, locals will tell you that about 80% of the island is uninhabited - leaving a huge natural section unaltered by man. This area is bounded by the Na'Pali coastline, which is 17 miles long and is considered as one of the most beautiful coastlines on the planet! The steep peaks form a grandiose landscape that remains engraved in the memory of all those lucky enough to set eyes on it. There are several ways to admire the coast: by hiking, by boat or by helicopter. The Na'Pali coast is without a doubt a must see in Kauai!


Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Kauai has an extraordinary aquatic fauna. Moreover, since the beaches are considered public land, everyone has easy access to the wonders that takes place underwater. You can snorkel from any beach, and will be able to witness many turtles and exotic fish! If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of Hawaii's iconic fish nicknamed "Humu". I challenge you to try to pronounce its full name once you've seen it: Humuhumunukunukuapua'a. Good luck, folks!


Are there any poke lovers among you? Well, you'll be served in Kauai! This Hawaiian dish can be found all over the island - and it's always extremely fresh! Complete your meal with other typical Hawaiian foods - such as "poi" (taro-based), macadamia nuts and some shaved ice for dessert!

That will be all, "Aloha" and bon voyage!


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See you soon!

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