Trois-Rivières, Canada
Founder of the travel blog Késia Voyage Bohème and content creator who loves adventures and the outdoors


My favourite FIG item
Definitely the BAZ Tank is my new favorite item. The fabric is incredibly lightweight and compressible, ideal for a backpacker! I also love the ingenious system that allows me to attach the straps of my tank to the straps of my bra!

Something that makes me happy
Not knowing where I'm going in life. It may seem stressful to some people, but I have been in such a routine for a long time now that I enjoy the mysterious roads and the idea of living one day at a time. I am so much more creative and open that way, and my thirst for adventure keeps blossoming further. I apply this philosophy in my three greatest passions: backpack travel, photography and blogging.

My favourite city
Generally, I prefer remote areas and the countryside. If I were to choose a city, it would have to be Reykjavik in Iceland.

Beach or mountain?
Can I choose both? Ah .... it's so difficult! I would say mountain. 😊 But I really like scuba diving … So both of them! No ... the mountain for the view after climbing to the top. Awwwwwwwww ... I don't know! Haha

On my bucket list
It's hard to know exactly where I'll be in a few weeks or months. I never foresee my destinations really in advance. I let myself be inspired by the moment, my desires and my budget. However, I have destinations that I intend to explore one day: New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, Hawaii, Faroe Islands, Scotland and some places in Indonesia. Don't think I will have enough time in a lifetime to see everything ...

FIG, for me, is...
having the chance to encourage a company that has the same values as me. FIG, for me, is the perfect mix of simplicity, eco-responsibility and adventure. In addition, the clothes ultra comfortable, so I absolutely need to bring them around the world with me!
" Travelling is about going back to basics. "
– Tibetan proverb
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