Lanoraie, Canada
Founder of the Nomade Amoureux blog and co-founder of travel documentaries

My favourite FIG item
The OPA Pants, as they are comfortable and versatile, they fit great and are perfect for any occasion. Between you and me, they are very flattering!

Something that makes me happy
Travelling is definitely what makes me happy. I would add that discovering a new flavour, watching a sunset, sharing an uncontrollable laugh with my husband, drinking Gin and Tonic, eating popcorn and petting a kitten also makes me happy! In fact, happiness is everywhere!

My favourite city
Seville in Spain. I love it for its narrow streets with flowered balconies, for its tapas bars and sangria, for its trendy and lively neighbourhoods, for its history and architecture, for its long Andalusian days... In short, for the Sevillan way of life.

Beach or mountain?
Beach without hesitation. Water is an essential element for my well-being. On the other hand, I always need my dose of nature and mountains.

On my bucket list
My list keeps getting longer every day. My dream: a photo safari in Africa. South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania... I just can’t decide! In the near future it will be Spain, Italy and probably Croatia. I am curious to discover also Oman, Uzbekistan, Morocco and Tunisia. I will see where the future will lead me!

FIG, for me, is...
A local company that understands the real needs of women travellers by offering quality, comfortable, versatile and stylish clothing. An eco-responsible company that perfectly matches with my values and needs as a traveller.
"All you've got to do is decide to go and the hardest part is over." - Tony Wheeler 

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