Posted on 2019/09/05

Our ambassador Marie-Michèle visited Tokyo, the capital of Japan. She presents 3 places not to be missed!

On our way back from our recent trip to Vietnam, we had the chance to stop over in Tokyo for a little more than 24 hours. Tokyo is not a city that can be visited in one day. To grasp the complexity, it would take weeks, or even months. As we had only 24 hours in front of us, we decided to make the most of it! Here are our 3 must-do.


Our first stop was Senso-ji, a Buddhist temple located in the Asakusa district. The oldest temple in the Japanese capital, it is also the most popular site visited by tourists. Story says that in 628, two brothers, Hamanari and Takenari Hinokuma, found a statue of the Goddess Kannon in their fishing nets. After this discovery, the two brothers converted to Buddhism and created a temple in honor of the Goddess. However, the temple that you have before your eyes is not the original one. Destroyed by bombing during the Second World War, Sensō-ji had to be rebuilt after the war.


Indubitably, the temples were popular during our 24 hours stay in Tokyo. After the Senso-ji Temple, we headed to the Kanda-myōjin Temple in the Chiyoda district, one of the city's most exclusive neighborhoods. Less impressive than the previous one, the Kanda-myōjin temple is much quieter. Because of its proximity to Akihabara Electric Town, which is known as the manga district, it is popular towards geeks. The Ita-Eman, these small wooden tablets on which a wish is written, are real works of manga art! The temple also became the place par excellence to implore the protection of electronic equipment of all kinds. You are worried about losing your iPhone or have problems with your computer? Maybe you should visit the Kanda-myōjin temple then!


We could not leave Tokyo without going to Shibuya, to cross its famous junction. In many ways, this junction embodies the frenziness of Tokyo. While we are hundreds to feverishly wait for the light to turn red, we cannot help but be hypnotized by the bright screens that surround us. Then, the moment arrives. And that's when the magic takes place. In a great chaos, thousands of people (because yes, thousands of people cross the crossroads with each change of light) go in all directions. Making your way through the crowds is a unique experience to enjoy at least once if you visit Tokyo. There is something particularly intoxicating in being carried away by the movement of the crowd. And to tell you the truth, we redid the experience 2 more times!


  • Currency: Yen
  • Language: Japanese
  • Best time to visit: In spring, to enjoy the cherry trees blossom
  • Where to stay: The accommodations are incredibly expensive in Tokyo. Airbnb will be your best friend!
  • In my suitcase: The OTH Pants

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