Posted on 2017/06/22


Who makes our clothes? Sneak peek inside a FIG manufacture.

One of the (many) advantages of a local production? Our manufacturers are a few hours away from the office, which makes it easy for us to pop by for a visit.

Our SAFARI collection is made in the Beauce region, three hours from Montreal. Pre-production is handled at our office, and involves design, sampling and sourcing materials. Our design team sends all the pieces of the puzzle (patterns, fabric rolls, buttons, labels, etc) to its cut and sew manufacturer, for the assembly. The rest is managed by a team of about 20 people. Our business model allows us to produce just the necessary, and a bit of extra for the web or for additional orders during the season, which in turn limits risk and waste!


Each person takes care of a step in the garment-making process: cutting, sewing, attaching labels, etc. Then, each garment is tagged, pressed, packed and shipped to our distribution center, only a few hours away from the factory. How’s that for a small environmental footprint!?


« Meet the people that make our clothes. »


FIG would not have made it this far without the help and expertise of its manufacturers and long-time partners. Quality is never an issue here, and there reigns a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

We look forward to showing you their work! 


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